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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Self Improvement Motivational Videos

Self Improvement Motivational Videos

Imagine yourself letting in more love, more support and more appreciation from the people around you. Imagine yourself letting go in situations where you used to hold on. Imagine things falling into place easily. Imagine being in complete acceptance of yourself and those around you. These are just some of the experiences youll attract when you learn to apply the next universal law the Law of Allowing.The Law of Allowing is the principle of least action, of no resistance. In this state of being, we accept rather than judge; invite rather than dictate; and allow instead of control.I will tell you from my own experience that developing this mindset takes a bit of practice .Do you ever experience not having enough money? It is such a horrible and scary feeling. I know I have been there many times in my life. But, what if we continue to feel scared and dont change our vibration around money? We create more of the same.In this weeks episode of The Quantum Success Show I discuss money and the Law of Polarity. We are metaphysical and physical beings. We need to align metaphysically and then take action in the physical world.

Rackspace Signs th Customer

Rackspace Signs 4000th Customer

The ad firm says it chose Rackspace for its infrastructure, scalable storage offering and ability to deliver IT service solutions Adknowledge Taglinesproduct inserts behaviourally targeted logos and text links to user generated emails, newsletters and news alerts. Cubics, is the company social advertising channel, serves targeted ad inventory across hundreds of social media applications.Rackspace continues to grow at a rapid rate, and is currently experiencing a growth of 80 percent, says the company. Last year, Rackspace won Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year,at the annual Microsoft Certified Partner Awards 2007.The Web host also announced two highlevel appointments Florian Schiebl as European business director and Tarquin Bellinger as sales director to help strengthen its European operations. Schiebl joins Rackspace from iPass where he served as managing director, overseeing the Central and Eastern European regions. Bellinger joins Rackspace from BT, where he led the company 21st century network business development program.are very exciting times for us as reaching the 4000th customer is an accolade we are very proud of, says Doug Loewe, managing director of Rackspace EMEA. feel confident that our belief in delivering Fanatical Support for our customers will continue to lead to success. While it far easier to focus on technology, exceeding customer expectation is the real challenge, which is why we are absolutely committed to customer service. We are delighted to have Adknowledge as one of our customers and look forward to a fruitful relationship with them. month, the company introduced Windows Server 2008 Standard, Enterprise and Web editions in conjunction with Microsoft worldwide launch.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Needlepoint Canvas

Needlepoint Canvas

A beautiful needlepoint canvas will inspire you to spend more time at this relaxing and enriching craft. Youll want to see the needlepoint canvas come to life, with colorful yarns and appealing textures. Buying an inspiring canvas is always a good idea, since one of the few hazards of needlepointing is giving up on halffinished projects in order to move on to the next project.

Needlepoint Canvases with Stitch Guides

Beginners should consider buying needlepoint canvases with stitch guides. There are many different types of stitches involved in advanced needlepoint. A stitch guide will help improve your coordination and your expertise with various stitches.

Another great way to practice new or challenging stitches is with a sampler. Samplers are a wonderful way to try your hand at new stitches. Most samplers employ a variety of different stitches, which should give you a good overview of the basics. Samplers are normally quite simple in design, making them particularly appealing to neophytes. Fortunately, samplers are also very attractive. Youll be happy to hang your very first project.

You can needlepoint everything from pictures to pillows to eyeglass cases. Choose fun, seasonal canvases for the holidays. If you are looking forward to a special event, like a parents 75th birthday or a childs birth, you can plan ahead, and needlepoint them something special that they will keep forever. Needlepoint is as beautiful to look at as it is fun to make.

How To Throw a Great th Birthday Party

How To Throw a Great 50th Birthday Party

Everybody loves a good party. What could be more fun than a festive gathering of friends and family? Landmark birthdays are often the times when adults choose to have a party. If someone you know is about to turn 50 and you want to throw a terrific bash, here are a few tips for how to come up with ideas and themes:

Start the fun with the invitations. Do a little research on events of 50 years ago and include them on the invitation. For example, In 1956 Eisenhower was in the White House, The Wizard of Oz was shown on TV for the very first time, folks stood in line to see The King and I at the movies, Elvis Presley was all over the radio, you could mail a letter for three little pennies and in Chicago, Illinois, the Walker family welcomed baby Thomas James.

Oftentimes, adults would prefer not to have gifts at parties. If this is your preference, be sure to let invitees know. Include a line on the invitation that says, Please, no gifts. Your presence will be your present.

If the party is to be a surprise, be sure to advise all guests to keep the secret. Additionally, if you live in the same house as the birthday girl, ask people to RSVP via email so that they dont accidentally ruin the surprise by calling at the wrong time.

Play This is Your Life. Ask a few guests to relate stories about the guest of honor. It can be part of the toast for a 50th birthday party. The best stories are humorous or touching, not too lengthy, and paint the birthday boy in a positive light.

Be respectful of the guest of honors personality and preferences. If shes the type to enjoy a little goodnatured ribbing about her age, then okay. But if you know that she is sensitive about it, avoid teasing.

Decorations add a festive touch. It is quite popular to choose an over the hill theme for 50th birthday parties with lots of black balloons and streamers, but there are other terrific options, too. Consider a retro theme, with decorations reminiscent of 50 years ago, such as a sock hop.

Make a time line for the past 50 years and post it along one wall of the party room. Include world events, discoveries, popular music, Oscar winning movies and other fun bits of trivia from the last five decades.

Host a roast. Ask friends and family members to prepare short speeches poking a little fun at the guest of honor. If there will be guests of assorted ages in attendance, remind folks to keep it clean!

Show how the world has changed during the birthday boys lifetime. Research historical events for the past 50 years and prepare a few index cards that you can read during the party. If you are shy about speaking in front of a crowd, simply write the information of colorful sheets of paper and post them on the walls for guests to read. Here are a few ideas: When Thomas was in kindergarten, Harper Lee won a Pulitzer Prize for To Kill a Mockingbird. or When Thomas stood on the stage to get his high school diploma, Penelope Cruz was a newborn baby.

Play music that was popular 50 years ago. If you prefer, you can choose music that the guest of honor enjoyed during her high school years.

If you think its too stressful to come up with a 50th birthday theme and plan the bash, feel free to hire a professional to handle the party planning so you can relax and enjoy the day.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Nandos Franchise

Nandos Franchise

Nando is a restaurant chain originating from South Africa with a Portuguese theme. Founded in 1987, Nando operates in 26 countries and on five continents. The Nandos Menu specializes in chicken dishes with either lemon and herb, medium, hot or extra hot periperi marinades. In some countries, Nando has other flavour options like mango and lime, or Mediterranean.

Nandos was founded and continues to grow with a family atmosphere and this is continued through to its franchisees. The Nandos franchise team will help you locate and negotiate your site and rental amounts to help you get started, and franchisees are provided with extensive training in all aspects of running a Nandos franchise. Such as:

In 1992 Nandos expanded to the United Kingdom, opening its first restaurant in Ealing, London, and as of August 2009 has 213 restaurants located across the UK, with over 50 of those in London.

In 2009 Nandos UK was awarded Three Stars highest accolade in the Best Companies Annual Accreditation Awards the only entrant in the large companies category to achieve the three star rating. The Awards identify the best businesses in the UK to work for and measure the level of employee engagement in the business. Companies are rated according to their ability to inspire staff, encourage development, provide excellent customer service and build strong teams.

The menu of Nandos in the UK is constantly evolving, and new products such as a range of new dessert cakes, mashed potato, Macho Peas and a new salad are currently being trialled in restaurants across the UK. New uniforms are also currently being trialled which leave the original black and green colour scheme, changing to a black and orange mix for both the shirts and aprons.

Megan Foxs Tattoos

Megan Foxs Tattoos

This leading lady is best known from the hit science fiction movie, Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Before she made it big in the movies she was growing up on the set of the television series Hope Faith where she had the recurring role of Hopes teenage daughter Sydney. Not surprising, before the acting bug hit Megan won awards for modelling and still continues to model today.

Megan Fox also likes to show her creative side on her skin with personal messages and images that hold meaning to her. Here is a collection of her tattoos to study and possibly inspire.

In April many sources were saying that Megan Fox was likely getting the famous icon lasered off as the image has been drastically fading but this had not been confirmed or denied by Foxs people. Thanks to Laura for pointing out the news piece in the Daily Mail. In March 2012 Megan confirmed that she was in the process of having Marilyn removed. Here is a clip from The Ellen Show where she talks briefly about the painful process. So far I have seen no other confirmation that she is getting all of her tats removed.

I would like to thank Carly comments for pointing out that Megan has a newish I say newish because it is hard to say for sure how long she has actually had it script on her right ribcage.

At the time of this post there are no clear images of the complete tattoo but it has been pieced together that it is a quote widely attributed to German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche learn more about him below:

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

Since Megan has been known to change a word or two to make it relevant to her, I would not be surprised if she has changed it up a bit.

Ever since the Armani underwear/jeans commercial came out there have been people commenting on a script tattoo over her right breast peeking out from under her bra. I was never really certain about it but now I am pretty sure that it is just the lace from the bra. I watched the video in full screen mode numerous times and paused it. If you look at the shape of the lace on the opposite side of the triangle of the bra and what appears to be a tattoo you will see that they are the same design. Also the Armani ad was posted to their official YouTube site see ad below in September 2010. When I looked at bikini shots of Megan from her Hawaii trip in December 2010, which show more breast than the ad does, it is obvious there is no tattoo there. So I am concluding that it is lace in the Armani video and not a breast tattoo.

Some of you leave some great comments but they never see the light of day because you choose to add the F or S word. If you cannot make your point without using it then no one is going to take you seriously anyway. Especially in this format.

I use swear words in the day to day all the time so no I am not a prude but when it comes to this lens swear words can turn this lens into a R rated one which is something I do not want.

So here is the deal. Tidy up your language and your comment gets posted. It is as simple as that. Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to reading what you have to say.

There is no denying that Megan Fox is a hot commodity. More and more franchises would love to get their hands on her so to speak but they settle for a lesser known economic version. Here are just a few actresses that fit the Megan Fox bill of sultry, sexy, and some times dangerous vixen.

How To Log Into Facebook In Vietnam

How To Log Into Facebook In Vietnam

Ill be the first one to admit that Im not a technically oriented guy, and I think that Im not alone. There are a few other ways to log into Facebook in Vietnam, but the ways that Ive listed below need relatively little effort when compared to some of the other free methods out there. Ive seen a few techblogs out there with long lists of code and alterations to make to PC or Mac and after reading a line or two, I just got lost. Using a VPN or a web based proxy to log into Facebook in Vietnam is definitely the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way.

1. Choose whether you want a VPN or a proxy

VPNs are more secure. Theyll encrypt your entire Internet device, be it a phone or a laptop. Software and applications that you run on it will also use the new IP address provided to you by the VPN service. In my experience, VPNs are also faster than proxies, but not everyone will agree with the. I think its also more convenient to log into Facebook in Vietnam with a VPN because you havent got to open any secure browser like with a proxy.

Proxies may be less secure, but who cares, were not trying to take down government or do anything illegal here. Chances are, we dont need to worry about getting hacked either, and proxies are more secure than using nothing right? After all, theyll still provide you with a nonVietnamese IP. Having the secure browser I mentioned above might be annoying to have to find, open, and always type your URL into it, but its also convenient that you can access it anywhere. You can only use the VPN on computers youve installed it on, and its usually a one licence per device limit unless you order more. With a web based proxy you can use it at work, at home, at school, and on the go ie on your smart phone

You shouldnt have to pay more than 10 USD a month to change your IP address with a VPN or proxy service. 510 dollars is pretty standard. To log into Facebook in Vietnam, server locations, amount of servers, and amount of IP address arent really that important. All you need is a nonVietnamese IP, usually something located in The US or The UK will be best. Any provider with these locations available will good enough. Other things you can check out are live support vs email support, free trials, and return policies.

Thats pretty much all there is left to do. Depending on which kind of service you choose to log into Facebook in Vietnam, there may be specifics to installation, a short wait to receive secure links, or a set of login credentials sent to you by email. In most cases, after you pay for the service, you should be able to connect within a few minutes..

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Overcoming low grade Depression

Overcoming low grade Depression

It is estimated that more than 3/10 have suffered or will suffer from depression at some time in there lives, the problem with low grade depression is that often those suffering from it dont actually know that they have a problem and therefore dont seek help. Which is a great shame. The good news with lowgrade depression is that it can often be successfully treated.

Are you feeling down, for no specific reason?, or are you unable to experience pleasure or enjoyment as you once did? If this is you, then you could well be suffering from lowgrade depression or dysthmia. Again the good news is that this form of depression is considered to be one of the easiest to treat.

it a good idea to see your doctor for an initial assessment, they will be able to diagnose whether you are depressed, and then discuss the range of treatments available to you. Many surgeries provide a counselling and psychotherapy service, although in my experience it is often over subscribed so there could be a bit of a waiting list.

Personally, I have always felt quite reluctant to accept prescribed antidepressants although I understand that they can prove very effective for some people, its best to speak with your doctor to discuss the options available. However, if you are not happy with the support you are receiving from your doctor, dont be palmed off with a prescription for medication. Get a second opinion if necessary or see a counsellor.

With low grade depression people are often able to function to some extent, albeit at a low level, on a daytoday basis you may feel emotionally flat, tired or perhaps you feel some vague intangible sense of sadness and emptiness.

I speak from personal experience, can remember years feeling a profound sense of emptiness, nothing I did really brought me any sense of joy or pleasure. The world around me seemed grey, everyone else seemed to be having a ball, so why not me? felt incapable of experiencing any true authentic sense of happiness, although I would function on day by day basis go to work etc.

I was emotionally flat, there was none of normal ups or downs, just felt numb, as though I was in some form of emotional coma. I grew used to it, after a while, it seemed like normality, thought it was just part of my personality. So, learnt to adapt. There were brief moments of happiness, I guess as I look back, have always had quite a good sense of humour which does help. These feelings never really lasted.

Anyway one day came across an article on depression which described that these were all classic symptoms of low grade depression. Couldnt believe it, what a relief! Thought I was the only one who felt like this, everyone else around me seemed happy! It actually has a medical name Dysthmia or chronic low grade depression.

if you can relate to this then know that you certainly are not alone. The good news is that with right treatment and support you can overcome it. There are also many things which you can do to help yourself.

Taking regular exercise is so important, and I know its probably the last thing on your mind at the moment, just do it any way, it really will help you, so just do it even if you dont feel like it. Walking is considered to be one of best forms of exercise done regularly. Join the gym whatever, go for a swim, just do something.

Exercise really does help to lift your mood, as it will help increase the serotonin levels in your brain, which has been shown to play crucial role in our emotional wellbeing. People suffering with depression often have low levels of serotonin.

Regular exercise will also increase your sense of confidence, so get a routine, even if its just for 20minutes a day 23 a week youll feel the benefit after just a few weeks. Just try it!

Consider some of the natural antidepressant drugs such as St Johns Wort, available at most health food shops and chemists. My doctor recommended them, apparently scientific studies have shown them to be just as effective, if not more so, than prescribed medication. the major advantage of St johns Wort is that they are not addictive and you are unlikely to suffer any unpleasant side effects, normally associated with antidepressants, although do read the instructions carefully as I understand they can In rare circumstances cause adverse reactions.

One Word Commands

One Word Commands

If you are like most people that own a dog, we tend to talk to them in sentences and not one word commands. Well I have to say, Ive never had success with sentences.

Now I am not a dog trainer, but I have read a book or two on the subject and Ive applied much of the information with our own little Lexy. Lexy is a 7 year old, 12 lb. Bichon Frise and the love and joy of our life.

Without good one word commands, how will our furry friends know what we want. Using one word commands sets you as the leader of the pack. Every book Ive read says thats the way our dogs deal with life socially there is always a leader and if you dont take control, they will.

When I want Lexy to heel when we walk, I say heel and then move. If she doesnt heel, I stop and set her back at my right heel and do it again. If I want her to stay, that is the only word I say. If she doesnt obey, then I set her back on the spot and say it again. When she gets it, I praise her and she then wants to do what I ask and looks forward to our sessions. If you want your dog to listen, you need to practice so they get good at your commands.

The list of words I use are heal, stay, come, down and believe it or not OPEN! Lexy, when asked to open, will open her mouth and let us touch and look at her teeth. She even does it on her own to get our attention. She likes the reaction she gets when she does it on her own because it will get us laughing and she knows it.

NetSuite Announces New Channel Sales Program

NetSuite Announces New Channel Sales Program

Cloud computing business management software developer NetSuite Inc.

According to its Tuesday announcement, the NetSuite SP100 Program incorporates NetSuite industryleading cloud computing business management software suite with sales and technical training, ongoing marketing support and a limitedtime offer of 100 percent margin on firstyear license subscriptions. The program should have particular appeal to channel businesses struggling to reverse steadily declining revenue streams due to sagging demand for old legacy onpremise systems.

this new program, NetSuite takes dead aim at the partner networks established by competitors including Microsoft, Sage, and SAP, who have been irresponsibly slow to innovate new applications that take advantage of cloud economics and productivity, NetSuite chief executive officer Zach Nelson said in a statement. market for cloud computing is surging, but the ERP dinosaurs have nothing to offer their loyal partners. NetSuite is here to protect their futures. the traditional mold of onpremise revenue sharing, the NetSuite SP100 Program gives partners the entire yearone software subscription revenue for qualified new customer transactions of 24 months or more, enabling them to quickly recoup costs of sale and jumpstart their first half of the 2010 revenue. Also, partners are entitled to a 10 percent margin on all renewals, establishing a lucrative recurring revenue stream.

The NetSuite SP100 Program includes many of the key advantages previously available to channel partners such as commissions paid on customer collections. Most NetSuite customers prepay for service anywhere from one to three years in advance, meaning the revenue split for the entire period is available to partners as soon as it is paid. As well, NetSuite remains the only toptier cloud computing ERP suite provider that pays channel partners for customer renewals, not just new sales.

Hybrid Mileage Tips

Hybrid Mileage Tips

the window stickers on new cars at a dealership for a city and highwaymost of what we require a car to do uses only a small percentage of itsall this requires less than 20

Drive slower The aerodynamic drag on the car increases dramatically the faster you drive. For example, the drag force at 70 mph 113 kph is about double that at 50 mph 81 kph. So, keeping your speed down can increase your mileage significantly.

Maintain a constant speed Each time you speed up the car, you use energy, some of which is wasted when you slow the car down again. By maintaining a constant speed, you will make the most efficient use of your fuel.

Avoid abrupt stops When you stop your car, the electric motor in the hybrid acts like a generator and takes some of the energy out of the car while slowing it down. If you give the electric motor more time to slow the vehicle, it can recover more of the energy. If you stop quickly, the brakes on the car will do most of the work of slowing the car down, and that energy will be wasted. The same reasoning applies to gasolinepowered cars: Abrupt stops waste a lot of energy.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Malaysia Food and Beverage Industry

Malaysia Food and Beverage Industry

Malaysia: Food and Beverage covers the industry profile of the food and beverage industry in Malaysia, food standards and regulations, investment, import and export, production and consumption. It also covers the market trends and outlook, halal hub and key growth areas, plus the comparative matrix and SWOT of the industry leading players: Nestle, F QSR, Dutch Lady and Yeo Hiap Seng.

Malaysias own food and beverage industry is miniscule on average 2.75% of the GDP for the last eight years, which is why Malaysia is highly dependent on imported food ingredients and consumer products, despite of its potentials. In 2008, the production for canned pineapple was 14,713 tonnes, a decrease of 15% from 2007. Productions for rice, wheat flour and sweetened condensed milk gained momentum, registering 7.63%, 3.03% and 1.41% y/y respectively, their fifth consecutive year of production growth since 2004. Other food productions items have not fared much better. Canned pineapple posted a 14.68% y/y plunge in production figures in 2008. Production for frozen shrimps, crude coconut oil, margarine, blended cooking oil and biscuits retreated after the cost of production drastically shot up in 2008.

The outlook for the food and beverage sector remains cloudy. Sales of food stables remained compressed due to consumer thrift. They are spending roughly 20% of their disposable income on food. According to BMIs forecast, Malaysias food consumption is expected to grow 9.4% in 2012 in local currency terms and 12% in per capita terms driven by Malaysias vision to be a high income society and the country s continued economic development. Going forward, it is expected that the growth in consumer spending on food and beverages will rebound together with the synchronized global economys recovery in 2010.

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Incentive Award

Incentive Award

Have you ever received an award? Any award a plaque, medal or even a simple certificate in recognition of your achievement in any field? Organizations such as schools, offices, government services and the military periodically hold award programs. These organizations aim to give due credit and recognition to individuals who did what was expected of them over a specific period of time, thus, positively contributing to the success of the organization by attaining various goals. Over the years, this kind of reward system has been practiced by various organizations to recognize outstanding achievement and excellence.

As early as their first year in formal education individuals are exposed to award programs, as schools honor students who have shown exemplary performance in a subject. Achievements in other fields are recognized as well as individuals give glory to ones school or organization. There are awards for achievements in various disciplines such as sports, theater and other contests based on intelligence and mastery of subjects such as math, English and science.

Even after graduation, there are still many award programs offered to individuals. In the workplace, whether in private companies or public offices, awards programs abound, even in the military where bravery and loyalty are rewarded with medals of honor and other financial incentives.

Award programs provide numerous categories for the awards they hand out to employees. Some, like awards for milestones in service tenure, will take a long time and require dedication and loyalty. Still, there are awards that do not take very long to accomplish, including annual awards for performancebased recognition.

There are numerous manufacturing companies all around the world, some of them present even on the information highway, that specialize in the production of different employee awards. Awards given during awarding ceremonies vary, from the very affordable lapel pins and tietacks to the more expensive rings and highend watches..

Hvac Load Calculation

Hvac Load Calculation

What are some things that you should require from your Air Conditioning Contractor before you sign a contract? Make sure he is Licensed and Bonded, if you do not know him ask for references and then check them out. Ask him what size unit he is proposing and how he arrived at that tonnage. A good Air Conditioning Contractor will always run a load calculation on your home first, this removes any guess work and gives both of you peace of mind.

The load calculation, based on Manuel J, will take many things into consideration, such as, how much insulation you have in your ceiling and walls, if it is on pier and beam they will also take the floor insulation into consideration and whether it is under pinned or not. The height of your ceilings, the square footage of your home, the type windows you have, the size of your windows and which direction they are facing. You exterior doors, size, type and direction they are facing and the type of exterior siding on your home.

Load calculations also take in consideration how much infiltration your house has. they will need to know how many people are in your family and if you entertain guests, if so how many on the average. The contractor should also ask you what you expect out of your A/C system. All these figures determine how much heat gain, for Air Conditioning purposes and how much heat loss, for heating purposes your house has in terms of BTUs. They should also run a load calculation on each individual room to determine how much air is required for that particular area.

in Air Conditioning terms 12,000 BTU;s is equivalent to one ton of air conditioning, so if you have a 48,000 btu heat gain then you would need a 4 ton unit. A 4ton Air Conditioning unit should have an Air handler that will produce a minimum of 400 cfm of air per ton, or 1600 cfm. Depending on the brand, some will move 18002000 cfm while others will move 1600 cfm. This will determine how you size your duct system!

Sizing the return air chamber is of critical importance, you should have at least 1 sq. ft. of Return Area per ton of Air Conditioning, example: with a 4ton system multiply 144sq. inches x 4tons and you will have the necessary area of R/A grill opening for a 4ton system, so you will need 576 sq. in. of return air grill. That could be one12x48 grill or 2 12x24 R/A grills. If you set your system up like this you will have a quiet system that will operate at maximum efficiency..

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Listen Your Way to Success

Listen Your Way to Success

Email is a fabulous tool and can be used to the maximum for your business but there is nothing like a personal meeting or a telephone call to take your recruiting from average or below to super recruiter. Ask the top recruiters in any direct sales company and you will discover that they attribute much of their recruiting success to using the recruit interview.

On the phone or face to face your chances of closing your potential new recruit are best if you spend most of your voice to voice time listening and asking questions and less time telling about your opportunity and spilling your story.

So here are some ideas for questions you can ask your new inquiring potential recruits that will get HER talking more and help you determine what she looking for and how your direct selling business can help!

you been involved in Direct Sales before? Tell me about that. The nice thing about exploring past Direct Sales history with your prospect is that you can determine what kind of is appropriate when it comes time to talk about compensation, downline, overrides, etc. Some of those words are foreign to someone who has never been in direct sales before and you should avoid using them, especially in the first interview.

me what you are looking for in a home business. This is one of the best questions you can ask a prospect right at the beginning because you really be able to see how your business might be what she looking for. Here, however, is where you need to put your listening ears on completely and really hear what she saying. Listen for clues to help see what her main desire is in a business.

me about your family job, hobbies, education, etc can also be used? Again, helps to learn more about your potential recruit passion areas and history. Plus it just nice information to know!

If your prospect is responding to one of your advertisements ask her something like: what was it in our ad that made you decide to call me today? Or: about the ad sparked your interest? This not only will help you track your advertising but will also begin to explore her needs with regard to business so you can see if your opportunity would be the right one to fill that need.

much per month are you hoping to earn with a home business? How many hours are you thinking you can spend on a home business? Asking these specific questions will help you to later show her how with your compensation plan she can meet those income and work hour goals.

you been involved in Direct Sales before? Tell me about your experience there. The nice thing about exploring past Direct Sales history with your prospect is that you can determine what kind of is appropriate when it comes time to talk about compensation, downline, overrides, etc. Some of those words are foreign to someone who has never been in direct sales before and you should avoid using them, especially in the first interview.

After you shared a brief overview of the company and your 30 second commercial then ask some of the following or after you sent the email/mail packet and during your follow up call

1. On a scale from 110 how interesting does the Noah Ark business sound to you? What would it take to get your interest level to a 10? Anything above a 5 means they just need some more info to make their final decision.

2. Other than _____objection_____ what else might hold you back from getting started right away? Address their specific fears and explore any more that they might have.

3. Is there anything else you think I need to know about you or do you have any other questions about me, our team or the _________ business in general? Make sure your recruit is comfortable with the information she received and feels confident about the decision she making at this point.

Leukemia And Chemotherapy

Leukemia And Chemotherapy

Leukemia is a disease that affects your blood and bone marrow. It is not a very common disease, but leukemia can be a very serious and severe condition. This disease can lead to death and treating your leukemia case may be painful and hard.

In almost all leukemia cases, the first treatment phase is through induction chemotherapy. This particular leukemia chemotherapy has the role of bringing leukemia into remission. This mean that your blood counts go back to normal and the number of leukemia cells decrease considerably. This first leukemia treatment phase is can be very intense and it lasts about one week. Three weeks after this induction chemotherapy, the patient must take certain drugs in order to recover. Some of the leukemia patients can also be given extra medication, depending on what type of leukemia they suffer from and how they have reacted to treatment. The first time a leukemia patient has this chemotherapy may not always turn out to be successful. The treatment may have to be repeated a couple of times over. After this induction chemotherapy, almost eighty percent of leukemia patients that are under 60 will be cured. The number drops at about 50 percent of all leukemia patients when it comes to people over 60. If children suffer from leukemia, then after this treatments more than 90 percent will be cured.

If not all leukemia cells are destroyed after the first chemotherapy phase, then consolidation chemotherapy is next. This second phase has as goal destroying the leukemia cells that are left. Large doses of cytarabine are given to the leukemia patient. This drug may be given in three cycles, sometimes even more. Many of the people that suffer from leukemia and get to this point of treatment will eventually be cured.

If neither one of these types of chemotherapy bring remission to the leukemia patient, than transplant may be his/ her chance. However, a bone marrow transplant presents some major risks and can have serious side effects. So, this way of treating leukemia is not used in all patients and it is only used when chemotherapy shows no effect whatsoever. Autogeneic or autologous transplant are some other methods used in cases of leukemia. Both have their risks, but when they are the only chance left, risk may mean the life of the leukemia patient. It may also turn out difficult to find a donor in cases of leukemia.

Lean Six Sigma Project Selection

Lean Six Sigma Project Selection

How should an organisation ensure Black and Green Belts have the right Lean Six Sigma projects to work on?

The four stages of identification, prioritisation, selection and launch should be considered separately, and may be carried out by different agents within the organisation.

The overall process of identification, prioritisation, selection and launch SigmaPro recommend is shown below. This process should be fully integrated with the strategic planning and goal deployment processes within an organisation:Create or Consolidate the vision for the future, and consequential high level goals objectives for the Business. This is of course the role of the executive team and if the Lean Six Sigma Champion or Master Black Belt is not part of this process then he or she should make sure that a copy is available and is consulted with.

Determine the appropriate project selection methodology or methodologies to identify project opportunities. It is vital that the leadership are fully participative in this process, and it is best done as a group activity. For this we would recommend the use of a Project Selection Matrix populated with selection criteria such as:Probability of success

Speed of delivery

Use of LSS tools

Select the most important projects for launch. Projects are formally launched by means of the Project Charter. This is the project definition document used within Lean Six Sigma to ensure the project is clearly and precisely focused and that there are clear measurements in place to measure progress and that resources are forthcoming to ensure success.

Of all things in a Lean Six Sigma deployment ensuring that the Black and Green Belts have good projects to work on ones which will be supported by the organisation, and ones which will help deliver the organisations strategic objectives is of vital importance if an organisation is to fulfil its potential of growth and profitability. This process is taught as part of our Lean Six Sigma Champion programme..

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My Dot Mobi Question

My Dot Mobi Question

more than a billion wireless phone users estimated worldwide, there will be more and more demand for mobile content. Daddy is one of many hosts offering this kind of tool.Both Go Daddy and Hostway are part of a pretty significant group of Internet companies expressing their excitement about the new domain. The distinction, in this case, is that it a domain extension that classifies its content by audience, rather than by company type or country. And, of course, that the registry intends to enforce certain standards for mobileformatted Web sites.I admit I a mobile browsing novice. I use my cell phone for phone calls and the occasional text message, but never to browse the Web. That may be because I rarely more than an hour or two away from sitting down at a computer. I have once or twice used the cell phone to call somebody I knew was by a computer and asked them to look something up for me.I interested, however, in the execution of mobile sites. So I asked a friend to recommend a couple.Bear with me. I actually asking the question. I could be wrong, but I assuming that recognizing the mobile OS/browser and redirecting those users to the mobileformatted site is within the means of a modestly sophisticated developer.So yes, it makes sense for a company with a large, complex Web site, basically impossible to browse from a cell phone let say Cisco to create a mobile version of that site, formatted for viewing on mobile devices and containing a limited selection of information it has.

Microsoft Buys SAVVIS Facilities

Microsoft Buys SAVVIS Facilities

SAVVIS says Microsoft is the sole customer in both facilities under the terms of a SAVVIS colocation contract due to expire in 2010, which together comprise approximately 250,000 square feet of gross raisedfloor space and useable square feet under typical businessconditions of approximately 160,000 square feet. The contract generated approximately $16.5 million of revenue and approximately $8 million of adjusted EBITDA for the first six months of 2007, which includes approximately $1.5 million of noncash contribution primarily related to amortization of advanced billings that were being recognized over the remaining contract a great transaction for both SAVVIS and Microsoft, a valued and continuing SAVVIS customer, says Phil Koen, CEO of SAVVIS. gets full control of two data centers they already occupy. SAVVIS can redeploy the proceeds into investments in highermargin, highergrowth assets. As we continue to focus on providing IT infrastructure as a service, we are exploring investment opportunities including further network capabilities and expansion of our data center footprint with topquality facilities in highdemand markets. week, Microsoft announced the finalists for the 2007 Microsoft Partner Program Awards.

Knowledge Test

Knowledge Test

Job knowledge test is executed in order to gauge the employees progression and the skills that need to be implemented for increased proficiency. Generally these tests are performed either prior to joining an organization or during the event of promotion.

Another reason for evaluation could be a disruption in the company augmentation. In order to understand where the employees lag behind and for adopting appropriate training methods, a test can be performed.

Job knowledge analyses various skills that the employee possess and that one might have acquired by manifold years of experience or training. The skills can be technical and in regards with the branch one belongs to. These accomplishments are essential for effective work management. An employee should know the methods to tackle risky situations and maintain a healthy relationship with his/her coemployees.

Conceptualizing a plan for swift functioning, effective means of communication that can generate quick results, ability to grasp and learn new devices and involvement in extra curricular activities of the organization is also evaluated to know the competencies of the employee.

Contemplating these skills, a promotion can be drafted. Every employee should imbibe these qualities in order to achieve and augment. Once you know what you need to work on and what you are good at, appropriate changes can be made to deliver the paramount results.

Key Features of a Good Real Estate Agent

Key Features of a Good Real Estate Agent

Property in Portugal has come of age. Continuity in growth and expansion of the country has ensured that people look out for better property valuation in this part of the world. Without a slightest of doubt, we all would agree that Portugal has tremendous scope for broadening their work horizons. This in turn, also ensures a great property boom for the country. Property in Portugal is all about giving better return on investment ROI to its investors. Hence, it is important that you get the right property for sale in Portugal. The most vital part of a good real estate investment decision is the expert opinion that you consider. This is where the need for a good real estate agent comes into the picture. Here is a list of some key features that will help you in finding a good agent.

Communication Skills: This is something very important. The method with which your agent is able to communicate your buying or selling agenda to the other party plays a vital part. After all, buying and selling is about convincing. Communication skills involve more than just communicating information in fact, the primary test of effective communication skills is the ability to listen. An agent should listen to your needs, consider them, and then use that information to guide you to the neighborhood and home that is perfect for you. Ascertaing the reputation of a real estate agent requires some detective work. It is wise to ask for references, on both sides of the transaction. Ask about problems that occurred during the process, and how they were handled. Talking to both buyers and sellers about their experience in dealing with a particular agent can provide insight as to how you can expect your real estate experience to unfold.

Area of Expertise: Buying a property in pure Portugal is all about choosing the right area. The so called right area must be blend of splendid infrastructure and great connectivity. The connectivity can be in form of distance from your office or the airport. This is where the local knowledge comes into the picture. It is important as well to ensure you are dealing with a real estate agent who is a local specialist. Many states technically allow licensed real estate agents to participate in real estate transactions anywhere within the state. However, a local specialist will be familiar with local selling practices.

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Overall introduction to concrete pan mixer

Overall introduction to concrete pan mixer

Overall introduction to concrete pan mixer is a Business question related to Business . There are over 1 bring you practical and useful advices and answers with their knowledge and experience on this topic to the people that they have the same question or problem.

Application of concrete pan mixer:

DASWELL MP Series planetary concrete mixer not only applies to produce common commercial concrete but also precasts concrete. It is widely used to produce building blocks and prefabricated parts, and also can be used to produce steel fiber reinforced concrete, color concrete and dry mortar, etc.

Features of concrete pan mixer:

1. Turbulent mixing, high efficiency. The heavy duty gear box drives the mixing arms to mix the materials turbulently, and the mixer works efficiently.

2. Complicated motion track, homogeneous mixing. The blades are fixed on mixing arms and the scrapers are equipped on scraping arms, they do not only revolution, but also rotation, it ensures the homogeneity of the concrete.

3. Multiple Discharge Choice. According to customers various demands, the discharging gate can be designed to open hydraulically, pneumatically or manually.

4. Special Designed Water Sprayer. Special designed sprayer makes the water cloud cover more area and ensure the concrete more homogeneous.

5. Easy to maintain, no leakage problem. Transmission system including motor is located at the top of mixing drum, completely separated from the concrete. Its convenient to maintain and there will be no leakage problem at the shaft end..

Nunchaku Sparring

Nunchaku Sparring

The last 10 years or so, there has been a new martial art that has made a lasting impression on the European community. It is called nunchakudo or loosely translated the way of the nunchaku.

The nunchaku is a martial arts weapon that consists of two sticks connected at their ends with a short chain or rope.

Ever since the days that Bruce Lee flashed this elegant weapon on the big screen, the nunchaku has achieved celebrity status among its practitioners and developed a loyal following among nonmartial arts students. There are schools of nunchakudo all over Europe that teach this Okinawan weapon.

Some of its aspects include kata, which is the practice of forms fighting against imaginary opponents, and sparring. Sparring is one of my favorites.

Being a big fan of combat sports such as professional wrestling, UFC fighting, boxing, muay thai, and kickboxing, I have found nunchaku kumite to be just as dynamic and unpredictable as the other sports.

Nunchaku kumite, or sparring, involves participants who wear protective helmets with a face cage or a plexiglass visor covering the face. Each player wields a foam padded safety nunchaku that is lightweight so that the centripetal force of a speeding nunchaku handle does not cause too much damage to his opponent.

In order to score in this method of combat, a player must perform a twirling technique before striking his opponent. Failure to do so and then striking will not earn him any points.

There are other variations of nunchaku sparring in which no twirling technique is required before striking your opponent. This is called freestyle nunchaku sparring. This is similar to Bruce Lee and Danny Inosantos fight seen in the movie classic Game of Death.

I have had the privilege to try out this sport with great fun and enjoyment using the ActionFlex safety nunchaku. Nunchaku sparring is no different than boxing in that anything goes when it comes to ring fighting.

Nice Movies For Kids

Nice Movies For Kids

Nowadays kids movies have reached new levels. They have superb animations in them and characters and story lines are really nice too. But some problems have also risen in the kids movies. Some are made around emotional themes. So it becomes really necessary to first watch these movies yourself and then if you think the movie is appropriate for your kids, let them enjoy it too. But how to evaluate the movies? Follow these tips:

If you notice that your child is scared of the strange creatures in his books, then you should also not let him watch the movies with animated crazy creatures in them. These will also scare your kid.

If your kid gets scared during sleep and wakes up, then again its a hint, that you dont let him watch the kids movies with scary animations or creatures. This will increase the fear in him.

If your child gets tired watched the cartoons of short duration like Dora The Explorer, you should not let him watch the longer kids movies.

You might notice him during the play. If he gets scared, when someone chases him, it will not be a good idea to let him watch scary fictional movies.

If your kid is not comfortable in loud or noisy environments, dont get him some action packed thriller movie. These will be noisy too.

Now you can test all of these, before letting him watch the movies. You can start with a shorter duration movie. A 4560 min long movie will be good. This will tell you if your kid can watch the movie without getting tired. See if he shows any sign on anxiety and can he sit for 4560 minutes without any break.

And also in the start, dont let him watch a movie which has a weird looking nasty villain. After letting him watch the movie, wait for a week. And check, if the movie has any negative after effects on your kid.

Different kids get afraid of different characters and things. Some are afraid of giants or wizards, others are afraid of witches and clown etc.

As mentioned earlier, the best way to make sure that the movie is good for your kid, is to first watch it yourself. And then if you think it will not have any negative effect on your kid, let him watch it and enjoy it too.

Inspiration Personal Growth

Inspiration Personal Growth

Inspirational thoughts are important as they provide motivation and we all need motivation. Sometimes we need simple motivation to get ourselves moving and ready to deal with daily life, but often we need extra inspiration that will help us when facing challenges or to help us make difficult decisions.

I have spent the last decade collecting these life quotes and inspirational quotations as well as writing my own words of wisdom to help me through lifes challenges and to help others as well. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my inspirational quotes and sayings.

Necessary reasons to keep your desire to learn. Have you ever dwelled upon how key learning is to your life in terms of your ability to not only survive but also to thrive both professionally and personally? Becoming a lifelong learner is important to your health, your success, and your happiness, but if that is not enough reason to learn more then consider these three key reasons to keep your desire to learn and to live and learn.

Change is healthy. Change is healthy for your diet, your physical well being, your mental state, and your brains health. While change is not always comfortable its benefits usually far outweigh its challenges. We know change is good for us but that doesnt make it easy to force ourselves to change.

Learning can decrease your weaknesses. Most of us spend a lot of time and effort trying to conceal or compensate for our weaknesses when that time would be much better spent simply learning more about that particular aspect of our lives and learning how we can decrease that weakness. Perhaps with time and effort that weakness can become a strength.

Learning keeps your mind sharp. Study after study shows that when it comes to the brain it really is use it or lose it. Challenging your brain by learning new skills and experiencing new things can foster brain growth and development no matter what your age. One of the reasons why young childrens brains grow at such a rapid rate is because they are constantly learning new things. As we grow older we tend to slow and even stop learning which is damaging to our brains.

These are just three key reasons to keep your desire to learn that should give you food for thought and hopefully start you on the road to learning more and improving yourself today, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows to come. Now go forth and live and learn so you too can reap the benefits of becoming a lifelong learner!

Industrial Design Services Industry Report

Industrial Design Services Industry Report

Industrial Design Services Industry report, published annually by Barnes Reports, contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics. States and over 900 metro areas. New to the report this year are: financial ratios, number of firms and payroll estimates. The report also includes industry definition, 5year historical trends on industry sales, establishments and employment, a breakdown of establishments, sales and employment by employee size of establishment 9 categories, and estimates on up to 10 subindustries, including commercial and industrial design.

To know more and to buy a copy of your report feel free to visit

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Kakuro Blocks

Kakuro Blocks

There is no straight up, easy way in solving kakuro puzzles. You either sweat it out, thinking of possible combinations, or do the tedious paper and pencil method. Usually, people spend more time trying to think of combinations than actually filling in the puzzles. You know the buzz people get after solving kakuro puzzles? It usually comes after a person boasts of solving his puzzle just as his friends pointed out that he got double 8s in a single block.

But there is a way to stop and prevent this kind of frustration. This is not about a miracle kakuro trick; rather, this is an ageold standby that few people take care to know. There are numbers in kakuro puzzles that only have a single valid combination and possibly, a limited number of cells. These number combinations and cells are called kakuro blocks. Accordingly, there are people who swear by using kakuro blocks to make puzzlesolving easier. This is not surprising since kakuro blocks shorten puzzlesolving time, thereby allowing players to solve more puzzles.

But before we get on with kakuro blocks advantages, let us first define what they are. Kakuro blocks, simply put, is just a list of digits that provide special clues. These clues are often in the form of possible combinations. Also, these are blocks of a definite size and sum that only have a solution in terms of a single choice of digits. These blocks are reserved for a definite c

Jethete M along with other Jet Alloys

Jethete M152 along with other Jet Alloys

Acquiring the suitable sort of steel is extremely important in making your airplane durable. You cant interchange Cronidur 30 and Jethete M152 alloys, for example, because they two alloys have got different properties. Understanding every single metal alloys components can help you in selecting the appropriate raw material for your industry.

Go ahead and take two earlier mentioned illustrations. Both are highduty steel, however their components and uses are really different. You will find both in your regular airplane, nevertheless they will not be in the same parts of your plane. They merely share 2 things: first, both are steel alloys; and 2nd, they both meet typical airplane material requirements. Discover their similarities and distinctions to understand just how diverse two alloys can be.

Cronidur 30 steel is a kind of highduty alloy. It is a type of hard steel filled with chromium, molybdenum and nickel. It does not look as great looking as stainlesssteel, however what it really is lacking in in appearance, it makes up for in overall performance. It is ductile and malleable before you process and reheat it to its final form. As soon as reheated, this alloy is very tough while still maintaining good impact bending energy.

You may not be informed about this metals alloy identity, however, you possibly have seen it before inside a cooking area. Cronidur 30 is the alloy used for developing knives as well as other cutting tools. Its power and hardness makes it simple to slice through several things, whilst its malleability allows you to build a range of thick and thin blades for your cutting gear. Screwdrivers, drills, fasteners and ball screw gearing shafts all make use of this material as well.

It is naturally resistant against corrosion and oxidation, which is why producers apply it frequentlywashed materials such as knives. This property additionally causes it to be great for engine parts. Engine components undergo misuse from external forces as well as from other components. Friction, heat, and pressure wont wear and corrode this metal quite easily. Its corrosion resistance property improves when you temper it to 500 degrees Celsius.

Jethete M152 is a stainlesssteel alloy which has a more customized use. Its really a highduty metal with chromium, nickel, and iron. Its extremely high tensile strength and ductility sets it apart from other metals and causes it to be suitable for specialty parts.

Like the previous alloy, Jethete M152 also offers high resistance to corrosion. It will not degrade fast even just in extreme heat and cold conditions. Its very tough and has excellent creep rupture strength. This means the products you manufacture using this metal will not break easily, even if you subject it to intense pressure.

You can find this material both in internal and external parts of an airplane. Some aircraft parts made of this alloy are highheat bolts and gas turbine parts. Outside, you can see this in one of the largest and most important parts of your plane the highstress turbine blades. Its properties make it perfect for the highpressure and hightemperature conditions in an airplanes turbines.

Its All in the Family

Its All in the Family

Balancing work life with family sure can be challenging in this day and age. Most of us are working harder and longer just trying to keep up with the bills and the overall cost of living. The cost of everything keeps going up: food, utilities, gasoline, insurance, and day care, just to name a few. It hard to keep up and still spend quality time with your children. As a result, more and more people are choosing to start their own home based businesses.

While it true that working from home can keep you closer to your family, it also requires a wellorganized and consistent approach in order to meet the needs of both your business and family life. To be successful, you must find ways to put in the hours necessary to start and grow your business without being detoured by family matters. You will need to manage your tasks and optimize your time. If you or your spouse hold a regular job, then conscientious time management will be even more crucial. By establishing boundaries and through careful planning, you can manage your time and priorities so that your family can be an asset to your business rather than a distraction.

First, think about how you could divide business specific tasks between you and your spouse. Plan your work, then work your plan. For example, while o spouse is at the workplace holding down a conventional job, the other can stay at home and spend time working the business by writing and posting ads, doing research, ordering product, and so forth. In the evenings when the spouse returns home from the office, that person can take over duties such as answering emails and making phone calls for training and prospecting purposes, while the other attends to the children and household tasks.

Also, consider recruiting your children into your home business. They may be able to help with certain tasks. Perhaps your oldest child can babysit the younger siblings during certain times of the day or evening. Children may also be able to help by preparing items for mailing, cleaning your office, and organizing and filing paperwork don be shocked, however, when you get asked to raise their allowance!.

Talk with your family and come to some agreements about the importance of your home business. Make them aware of the demands it places o each member as well as yourself. Gain their understanding and cooperation. Restrict personal use of the telephone to specific times so that your line will not be tied up during your business hours or better yet, consider having a second phone line installed to be used just for business. Lay down the law that family must stay out of your office area during working hours. To make it easier for them to adhere to your rules, try to coordinate your work schedule with family activities, and schedule some nonbusiness time during crucial times of the day, such as when the kids get home from school and at mealtimes. Be sure to discuss your business schedule with extended family members and friends. Inform them of your working hours and ask them not to drop by or call you during those times when you are working o your business.

Work hard and fast to build your home business, and keep going! Make the whole family aware of what you are doing and what you need from them. You probably find that they are all willing to help however they can. The rewards will be worthwhile, and you and your family can reap the benefits for years to come.

Permission is granted to publish this article free of charge either electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included.

Interview with David Smith SiteMeter

Interview with David Smith SiteMeter

Not only does Site Meter count the number of visitors your site receives, it also generates detailed statistics and graphs to show you almost anything you may want to know about your visitors.

Why is it important that we as webmasters analyse our site traffic? For example, What can information such as the browsers our visitors are using tell us?

The first step is just knowing if anyone is looking at the web pages youve published. If noone is looking at your web site then it is more of a personal journal than a web site. If you want to find advertisers, youll also need to know how much traffic your site gets. With site tracking, you can also find out where your visitors are coming from, the pages where they are entering your site and the pages they are leaving your site. If you find most people are leaving your site from the same page, you may actually have a problem with that page. They could be getting bored or confused by something on the page.

What made you decide to create the Site Meter service? What were some of your aims back then and are they changing as the service matures?

Initially it involved a lot of my interests. I wanted to do a web site April of 1998 and I saw a lot of cool things that could be done with visitor tracking. Visitor tracking is a basic service that all web sites need and I figured it would be a valuable spot to be where thousands of webmasters use your services. Also, at that time, banner rates were high and I was expecting to sell a lot of banner ads. What I found in the last two years that I definitely had to have many sources of income to make Site Meter profitable. The banner advertising by itself will barely cover the hosting costs for Site Meter.

With the large number of alternative tracking systems available on the internet, what techniques and features have you used to make Site Meter stand out from the rest? Also, what advice would you give future webmasters who are starting a website in an area where there is already strong competition?

I tried within reason to provide features that other sites didnt provide and present the reports and charts in a very approachable way. One seemingly insignificant thing is the consistent use of color for Visitors and Page View. Page views are always purple and visits are green. No one has ever commented on it but I think it probably contributes to making the charts more understandable. Consistency in an interface is an important and challenging area.

What kind of advertising techniques do you find work best with a service such as Site Meter? What do you find doesnt work so well?

Site Meter hasnt done a lot of advertising yet. The best thing that I did initially was to get Site Meter listed in as many webmaster sites as I could find. I would search for keywords that I was interested in like hit counter or web tracker in all the search engines and I made sure that I visited all the sites that were listed before Site Meter. If those sites were directories or compilations of web master sites, I tried to get Site Meter listed with them.

While there are a number of Site Meter features I really like, the graphs, charts and traffic prediction sections would have to be my favourites. Is there one or some particular features you find users like the most about Site Meter?

The Whos On report and the Recent Visitors by Referral report seem to be some of the popular ones. The Whos On report displays statistics about the visitors who visited in the last 20 minutes and the Recent Visitors by Referral report shows where the visitors came from. I also got a big response when I increased all the recent visitor reports from showing the last 20 visitors to showing the last 100.

I can imagine there is a high demand on technical support for Site Meter. How do you handle this demand while still finding the time to improve/maintain this and other services you are involved with?

Yes, that has been a struggle. I answer all of my mail so Ive made a lot of changes to Site Meter to cut down on the amount of support that is needed. One aspect of Site Meter that I didnt anticipate being support intensive was the StatsbyEmail feature where Site Meter members can get an email of their statistics every week. Email is a very flakey thing, email addresses change, people forget they signed up for the service and think they are getting spam, autoreplies and emails bounce constantly. Every day I get about 150 to 200 bounces which I was foolishly processing by hand for a while. I finally wrote a script to automatically unsubscribe the addresses that bounced. Even that didnt totally solve my problem because sometimes the script will unsubscribe someone who just has an autoreply setup for their email account.

Apart from technical support, can you give us a quick run down on what else is involved in running a service such as Site Meter?

The daytoday things involve monitoring the servers to make sure they are running fast, backing up the databases, and looking for new sources of income.

I notice there is a new version of Site Meter being developed. What new features and improvements do you plan this version will bring?

After Site Meter grew beyond a single file server, things got a little trickier to manage. The main thing that the new version of Site Meter will provide for right now is expandability. Some of the cooler new features will involve wireless web pages. Ive been creating some status and administration pages for Site Meter in WAP the wireless version of HTML over the last couple months. They are mainly to monitor Site Meter by cell phone when Im away from my computer. Im going to provide wireless access of site statistics to the Site Meter members. What I havent figured out yet, is whether or how much to charge for it.

Finally, can you give some words of advice to those who are just entering the massive world of web development?

Keep your site focused. Any successful business has a mission that you can refer to as you make decisions. When you are thinking about what to add to your site next, there are a lot of places where you can get distracted into adding things that dont make sense. For instance, at least once a month Im contacted by someone about adding a shopping area to Site Meter. While there would probably be modest sales in the shopping area, it would cloud and dilute what people think of when they think of Site Meter. It would also take away time I could spend adding features that really do belong in Site Meter.

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Wordpress And Content Management System

Wordpress And Content Management System

Content management can be described as the process of creating, managing and publishing online content sans any programming or technical skills. If used properly, content management saves time and money. An effective content management can be attained by utilizing a content management system.

A content management system is a webbased application connected to a database that allows users to update a website without having to know any HTML Hypertext Markup Language, standard language with which all web pages are built. It is software used to manage websites and web content. A CMS facilitates the maintenance of content but not the design on a website.

Without CMS, updating a website say, posting a new article would involve manually changing the home page and archives and creating a new page from scratch for the article itself. Coupled with this, if a user wants other pages to link to the article like a list of current articles in the sidebar of pages, he has to change all these manually as well.

With CMS, a user just logs in and adds the article heading to a specific category. He then enters the content and ends by selecting some tags to describe the article. The CMS will automatically put the title, date and the first paragraph on the home page. He then constructs a new page for the article and adds the article to an archive by date and category.

As can be gleamed, CMS does away with inconvenient manual tasks and streamlines the updating process. A CMS manages content efficiently from the time of creation to publication. A content management system establishes a definitive approach to effectively publish, store and organize content for the users.

Content management systems offered by different vendors have varied benefits and functions that a user can select from according to his needs. A CMS can be expensive or absolutely free like WordPress. It really depends on how complex the site is and what needs to be done.

Most blogging software programs are considered a particular type of CMS. They have CMS features for creating and maintaining a blog. They make publishing on the Internet as easy as writing an article, giving it a title and setting it up under one or more categories. Basic blogging software provides an interface where a user can work in an intuitive manner while the blogging software handles the presentation and publication. A blogger gets to concentrate on writing and the blogging tool functioning as a content management system takes care of the rest of the site operation. WordPress is an example of blogging software.

WordPress is a wellstructured personal publishing system written in PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, a popular open source serverside scripting language constructed specially for integration with HTML available in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and backed by MySQL open source Structured Query Language database implementation. WordPress is licensed under General Public License GPL and is available for free. WordPress started in 2001. Since then, it has grown to be the biggest selfhosted blogging tool in the world, utilized on a multitude of sites. WordPress focuses on ease of use, speed and a wonderful user experience. It is an open source program. Hundreds of people all over the globe are working on it.

WordPress is an advanced blogging software program that provides a sophisticated set of features. Via its administration panels, a user can set options for the presentation of his blog and be published on the Internet instantly. WordPress focuses on aesthetics, web standards and usability.

WordPress as a Content Management System

A distinct characteristic of a CMS is that it singles out content from presentation. Content consists of text, images or other information shared in posts. This is separate from the structural design of a site which provides the foundation into which the content is inserted and the presentation of a site which involves graphic design. Content is stored in a database. A user can change the look of a site with a few changes to style sheets such as CSS Cascading Style Sheets and other layout features that define the font styles and sizes, colors, backgrounds and positions. In like manner, WordPress stores content in a database and the WordPress Theme layout/design controls the look of how the content is displayed.

A CMS has control over what content shows up and where ads, related posts, comments and other interactive elements appear on a web page. But with the plugins and addons available in WordPresss, a user can also add these features to his blog. A user can turn WordPress into a fullfledged CMS with the many options, customizations and controls accessible to him.

There are a number of options a user can use to make WordPress works like a CMS. Most CMS sites control what articles appear on the front page. In WordPress, a user can make use of the Semiologic Optin FrontPage Plugin that lets him choose which post will appear on his front page. Podcasting, videoblogging, adding music and images are possible with WordPress. There are plenty of elements that a user can add to WordPress to enhance connectivity and functions. Signing up for mailing lists, newsletters and other information to be disseminated can be done with WordPress. A user can even set up ecommerce with WordPress. Adding ads to a WordPress site is as simple as placing the ad information into the proper template file. Forums and bulletin boards are integrated with WordPress. Every WordPress user has a role that determines his rights within the application. This is particularly useful to control the flow of certain content. Another valuable feature of WordPress is its builtin moderation feature. This allows the user to approve messages before they get posted. The WPShortStart Plugin renders Statistic monitoring. Lastly, a user TMs CMS site won TMt be complete without a way to handle external and internal links. WordPress has a number of plugins that can be used for this purpose.

Windsor Ruins Cruise Topo Map

Windsor Ruins Cruise Topo Map

The Corinthian columns of Windsor Ruins may represent the atmosphere of the Old South better than a tour of the antiquefilled antebellum homes of Natchez. The columns are all thats left of a once grand mansion, burned in the 1860s. Check out Port Gibson and its historic churches and homes, the town was made a Union headquarters in the Civil War and was spared from damage. Canopied by oaks and Spanish moss the winding, hilly course provides just enough challenge to stimulate your appetite. Terrain: flat to rolling. One of Mississippis best road bike rides, Windsor Ruins Cruise is located near Port Gibson, MS. Trails printable online topo maps offer shaded and unshaded reliefs, and aerial photos too! Use topographic map functionality to find elevation, print high resolution maps, save a PNG, or just learn the topography around Windsor Ruins Cruise. You can also get free latitude and longitude coordinates from the topographical map and set your GPS. Subscribers with access to our maps can download or print any topo, and cover more terrain when you map your Windsor Ruins Cruise route ahead of time.

Why Would I Want To Market On The Internet

Why Would I Want To Market On The Internet

When starting a business or looking into an area to market to. When starting a business or looking into an area to market to it is essential to investigate that market. You are saying ya right I have heard this over and over. So why the internet?

From the reading that I have done to date 2005 regarding the internet and the number of businesses and users who use it, I must say it is nothing short of incredible.

The internet boasts some 55 million web sites o line. That number is supposed to hit the 600 million mark by the year 2010 and beyond. It is incredible. And the actual user/buyer base will be well beyond 600 million. Do you understand what this means. That kind of market is astounding. The potential of accessing it and marketing to it is very great.

With some decent regulation and policing that was needed to protect businesses and individuals from fraud, the sky is the limit you might say. So why would you want to market o the internet. Aside from what I stated above that are very good reasons, here are some very powerful reasons that are to be considered as well.

A big o here is the cost to get started. You can put together a very small budget to start with and if you stick to it and stay consistent you will see results. o of the best ways to get started and get your feet wet is to become an affiliate and market an affiliate business or product. This way you can learn a lot of the things you need to know and do in order to be successful o o you have mastered some strategies and you have gotten to know your way around you can apply what you have learned to other project businesses of your own creation.

Another very good reason is the amount of people that can be targeted with your advertising. You would be hard pressed to get hundreds thousands or even millions into your hardware store in a month or your candy store or pet store. But an o store could have millions visit it in o month.

And then there is the selling factor or face to face networking with potential customers. A lot of people will not take the step into owning their own business because they can not or do not do well marketing or selling to other people. So the internet is a great place to build a presence that does not rely totally o o selling abilities alone. In fact some people might build a presence that reflects a personality that they could otherwise never pull off face to face with a customer.

One of the best reasons which goes along with the small budget aspect is that you can test your ideas quickly and inexpensively o the internet. This is key because you do not sink a lot of your money in until you see that it will work.

So the point is that the internet is a very large and getting larger every day arena for business. It is dynamic and fun. It takes work like any thing else worth doing and the potential for success is huge and not just monetarily either. It is a great place to share information and ideas too.

Who eulogized Ashley Jewell at his funeral in Atlanta yesterday

Who eulogized Ashley Jewell at his funeral in Atlanta yesterday

New Delhi, October 11: Kandi Burruss fiance funeral held, Real Housewives of Atlanta eulogize him. AJ Jewells funeral was held yesterday and people present there were all praise for the departed soul.

He was remembered by all the people present there as down to earth, affable and loving. Many people present there were seen sobbing in the full public glare.

Throughout this week, he remained to be one of the most talked about personality, amidst quite a bit of speculations that had risen after his sudden and unlikely death. Yesterday too, people sought him, so that they could pay their last respects to him as well as send condolences his familys way.

Prior to the event, Kandi had reportedly tweeted, Thanks for the prayers. you all have been lifting my spirits daily. He will truly be missed! and then had tipped it up with, Tomorrow is gonna b hard. According to the reports of the American Superstar, the other Atlanta Housewives had supposedly tweeted their feelings too. Kim Zlociak had written, Tonight and tomorrow is NOT going to be easy. Please keep Kandi in your prayers. Thank you guys so much. Lisa WuHartwell had reportedly posted, Headed to AJs funeral. Rip AJ. He will be missed..

Where is the G

Where is the G

The GSpot is located along the inner wall of the vagina, about 23 in, towards the stomach. The term spot is misleading as it is an area, not some button. Try some manual exploration, but do not search from cold. Its best to search after at least one hard O.

Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and rest your feet on the bed in front of you. Insert your middle finger into your vagina and gently stroke the front wall behind the pubic bone, about two inches up. You should feel a patch of skin that has a different texture from the rest of your vaginal walls, slightly rough or ruffled. Using a come hither motion, press into the center of this ruffled patch until you feel an area that is sensitive to pressure. Thats your GSpot, also known as your urethral sponge.

On the other side of your vaginal wall are the sensitive Skenes glands, which is why youll probably respond more to pressure than light stroking. The area is about the size of a pea, but can enlarge to the size of a walnut when stimulated. You should also know that many women feel like they need to urinate when this area is stimulated. This is due to the fact that, as it enlarges, it presses on the same nerves that signal a full bladder. Most women find, however, that as stimulation is continued, this feeling goes away and is replaced with pleasurable sensations.

Here is more advice and input:Just inside the opening of the vagina, towards the front of the body. l Its against the pubic bone. It feels a bit bumpy because of the veins there. Its not really sensitive but is on the vagina side of Skenes glands. Turn your palm upward and crook your fingers in your vagina. Gspot has a rough surface and is about the size of a quarter. When you are touching your clitoris you can find the Gspot easier because touching the Gspot simultaneously with the clitoris will heighten your pleasure.

Like the comment above, but use a beckoning motion with your finger, the come here sign you know when you hit it. But remember, many women dont have much of a reaction to it. Some go crazy, and for some its uncomfortable no matter how you hit it.

If you are girl, get on top of your boyfriend and go fast and steady, back and forth, for about two minutes. You will feel his dick rubbing against a muscle or tissue thing inside your vagina. Within about two minutes, you will start screaming in excitement, but once you hit that spot, you will be so exhausted that he will have to lay you on your back or put you on your knees against a couch or something and continue because feeling the G spot makes you lose all your energy.

The Gspot is hard to find if you search for it from cold. If you search when highly aroused, for example after a hard O, youll probably experience a feeling of wild excitement when you find it. Have a couple of thick towels close to hand as you may give off fluid or ejaculate. Some women find Gspot stimulation ideal for multiple Os, even to the point of having an outofbody OOB experience floating. If you feel yourself leaving your body and soaring, cease all stimulation and just relax, enjoy, wallow. Above all, dont panic. On reentering the real world you may find youre shaking from contractions. If so, have a cold, refreshing drink.

This is something you have to find on your own with her. Every womens gspot is different because every womans cervix and vagina are shaped differently. Get a book on sexual touching and in there will be different techniques that can help you. If your wife is game get a BOB battery operated boyfriend, and have fun with it, the right size one will help aid you in the finding of the spot. It is usually located about half way between the back of the pubic bone and the front of the cervix, along the course of the urethra and near the neck of the bladder, where it connects with the urethra. The size and exact location vary. Imagine a small clock inside the vagina with 12 oclock pointed towards the navel. Usually it is a lima bean sized, spongy area which responds to stimulation by hardening and swelling as blood rushes to it.

Women can orgasm several different ways, via clitoral, vaginal, and of course the GSpot, the latter can give her a massively satisfying orgasm if stimulated correctly. Sometimes even women have a hard time finding it and some dont even believe it exists, but it does. All you need to do is to locate it and arouse it and with a little trial and error between you and your partner you can.

As its surrounded by tissue and deep in the vaginal wall, you will need to apply a little pressure. Have your partner tell you when you hit the right place and you she will know, as you will see the reaction when you hit it!

When you have found it move your fingers in even circles all around the inside of the vagina walls. It generally feels best for her if you keep consistent, firm pressure along the entire length of the vaginal walls and use a steady rotational rhythm.

Stop rotating your fingers and rest your fingertips on the ridged area of the G Spot. Then move the fingers in and out and do rotational movements to keep hitting the spot. Finding a rhythm is what you are looking for here; keep moving the fingers in and out and around constantly hitting the G Spot.

You can give your partner even more pleasure by licking her clitoris and stimulating her GSpot at the same time, to give her an amazing climax.

Penis stimulation to hit the G Spot. Penises curve and the ones that curve upwards are most likely to hit the G territory. For example, if your penis curves to the side. You lie horizontally, she lies vertically and you gain the same impact and will be able to hit her G Spot. If your penis curves downwards, place her on top of you but facing the other way, you will see her buttocks and then move to hit the G spot.

Other methods of stimulation:

There are a number of adult toys such as vibrators etc that are designed to hit and stimulate the G Spot and the huge variety out there means there is one for every women. There is a lot of mystique related to the spot but to find the G spot and give your partner pleasure is really all about communication.

How to Cure Eye Infection in Dogs and Cats

How to Cure Eye Infection in Dogs and Cats

The common warning signs to look out for that your pet has an eye infection are: eye discharge, squinting, redness, cloudiness, and trying to rub and scratch the eye. Rubbing or scratching of the eye can make things worse for your pet. One of those cone shaped instruments that covers the head will prevent your pet from rubbing their eyes and further irritating the condition.

Eye discharge may be ugly, but its a valuable warning sign that something is wrong. This is important because infections can progress very quickly and even in some cases cause permanent eye damage. Discharge is a telltale sign of infection and will often be thick, yellow, gray, or green. Any offcolored eye discharge that persists for longer than 48 hours without improvement should be seen by a vet.

If you think your pet has an eye infection, you should get them examined at the Vet for a test, treatment, and to prevent permanent damage from occurring.

Vets often recommend applying an antibiotic ointment made especially for the eye. Other treatments besides an ointment are eye drops and all natural herbal treatments. Medications can be received from the Vet and there are also many websites, that offer medications for dog and cat eye infections, some being homeopathic or all natural medications. If you want to save money, you can usually get medications cheaper online than at the Vet.

To sooth the painful side effects of an eye infection, one of the best products available is Newtons Homeopathics Eye Irritation. It relieves pain, itching, dryness, swelling, redness, tired eyes, pink eye, and thick yellow discharge of the eyes.

Sometimes your pet will get an eye infection no matter what. You just cant prevent it. However, there are steps you can do to help prevent your pet from getting an eye infection and to maintain optimum eye health.

The steps are:

Always keep your dog head inside moving vehicles

Check your dogs eyes on a regular basis

Make sure its annual veterinary checkup includes a thorough eye exam.

Keep your dogs eyes clean by wiping away any discharge that may accumulate.

This product Halo Herbal Eye Wash will keep your pets eyes clean, open tear ducts, and sooth irritated tissue. I have used this with great success on my own pets and always keep some handy.

How To Cure Hemorrhoids

How To Cure Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be both embarrassing and irritating. These swollen blood vessels appearing on the outside of the body can cause pain, itching and burning. The good news, however, is that there is relief. Cure hemorrhoids by following this system of care.

Drink lots of water. Water is fundamental to digestive health. One of the leading reasons for the constipation and painful bowel movements that lead to hemorrhoids is a lack of water during the digestive process. Drink eight glasses of water every day.

Make fiber a regular part of your diet. Adding fiber to your diet helps aid the digestive process as well. Fiber is found in many raw fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains. If you do not have regular bowel movements, a shortage of fiber may be the reason. If you cant seem to get enough fiber through your diet, consider taking supplements, either chewable tablets or a fiber solution mixed into a beverage.

Dont strain to make bowel movements. Straining causes the blood vessels to swell and to appear outside the body. Avoid straining. If constipation is a problem, drink more water and try again later.

Relax with a warm bath. When the itching and burning of hemorrhoids is at its worst, soak in a soothing bath.

Try a natural remedy. There are several options of natural remedies. I recommend Holly Haydens allnatural hemorrhoid cure.

You should try different treatment methods one at a time to see which will work for you. Do not mix them together. Another method is to apply a natural topical of vitamin E, aloe, coconut oil or apple cider vinegar. Apply directly onto the hemorrhoids.

Apply an overthecounter cream treatment. Most overthecounter options include a hydrocortisone combination and can be effective in both relieving the symptoms of itching and burning and in reducing the inflammation of hemorrhoids.

Contact your doctor. If youve tried the above treatments and they havent worked, your may need to resort to surgery. Your doctor can provide you with possible procedures.

Cases of hemorrhoids vary in severity. You may have to experiment a bit before you find a way to treat hemorrhoids that works effectively for you. Still, if you try, you should be able to cure your bothersome hemorrhoids.

How To Choose Blinds

How To Choose Blinds

When it comes to choosing the correct window blinds for any room many people seem to think that it has to be a difficult choice that needs to take a lot of factors into account. But actually there are very few things you need to think about, and by following a few simple rules you will be able to make a choice fairly easily. This article will take a look at a few pointers that can put you on the right track.

The first thing to think about is cost, or it is for many people. It seems to be generally accepted that you need to spend a lot of money in order to get some window blinds that look really good. But this is not the case at all, and by shopping around, especially by looking on the Internet, you can find some really good discount window blinds that look as good as some things that may cost twice as much. So do not let cost to be a factor when you come to choose your window coverings.

The next thing to think about is the style. There are now so many styles on the market that it can seem to be quite a difficult thing to choose which is the right one for your room. But all that you need to do is think about the overall design style of your room and then choose some window blinds that fits in with that. If you have a lot of modern decoration in the room, then something in a contemporary style is what you need, while if your room has an antique flavor, then possibly window blinds in natural materials such as wood will probably be the best choice.

The final thing you may need to think about is whether to choose natural or synthetic materials. Again this is mainly a matter of personal choice, though cost factors do come into play here. However, even choosing natural materials such as wood does not mean that you have to buy an expensive set of window blinds, because there are now so many discount types on the market that you are sure to find one at a decent price if you look around. However, synthetic materials such as PVC do have the advantage that they are easy to clean, though many believe that they do not look that good in many rooms.

By bearing these few points in mind you should be able to make your choice muchmore easily. Take time to look around, especially on the web, and you will be amazed at the choice you have..

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What is CHAMPUS insurance

What is CHAMPUS insurance

CHAMPUS is a federally funded medical insurance program that provides coverage to members of the military. Members are enrolled into one of the three coverage plans: TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Standard and TRICARE For Life.

TRICARE PrimeTRICARE Prime is a managed care program where members are assigned a primary care manager PCM to oversee their care. Active duty members and their families pay no outofpocket costs as long as members receive care from their PCM.

TRICARE For LifeTRICARE For Life is a supplemental insurance where Medicare is considered the primary and TRICARE is the secondary insurance that picks up the rest of what Medicare does not cover.

Other CoverageTRICARE offers additional dental, prescription, vision and mental health plans.

Special ProgramsSpecial health programs are available to members, such as alcohol education, smoking cessation, weight loss, participating in cancer clinical trials and chiropractic care.