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Monday, April 28, 2014

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

one of their most famous fans says those opposing the Ashton Vale development should not be allowed to hold the city back

one of their most famous fans says those opposing the Ashton Vale development should not be allowed to hold the city back

He said: There always seems to have been something that has prevented these kind of facilities establishing themselves in Bristol. We are only really, late in the day, starting to transform the Bristol Old Vic. We are a major city in footballs first country, with two football teams, but havent got a quality stadium.

If we are going to be ambitious about this city, we need these kind of facilities. It will bring in tourists, lots of jobs and investment. Its a nobrainer as far as Im concerned.

Last week it was revealed an epetition posted on Bristol City Councils website by the Bristol City Supporters Trust broke the record for the largest number of names collected on the

councils site more than 17,000.

Mr Robinson said the stadium scheme would make use of a former landfill site that was pretty disgusting.

He also said it was terribly important that the proper democratic process surrounding the project should be gone through.

But he said: While I recognise that a building like this needs full public consultation and varying points of view need to be considered, it is very easy for a few people to frustrate plans that would bring such a massive benefit to the whole city.

Having seen the land, and knowing its former use as a landfill site, the argument to having it as a common land or green and having planning permission overturned on this basis seems tenuous to say the least.

The 42acre site has planning permission for the stadium and a wildlife area, but a group of residents opposed the development and it led to an application for the land to be given town green status.

Plans were then thrown into turmoil after the independent inspector who conducted the hearing recommended the whole site including the former tip that occupies part of the plot should be given that protection.

Bristol City Council will make the final decision and if it supports the inspectors view, it would effectively rule out any development on the land for ever.

Today, representatives from A City United, the campaign set up in response to the town green ruling, will address MPs at Westminster over the issue.

Mr Robinson said: Im all for land being protected and retained for the right uses where its applicable but the reasoning against the stadium, in the face of such overwhelming support from the public, doesnt seem to be in Bristols best interests.

I hope the people involved come to realise that standing in the way of this development is something that will go down in history as preventing thousands of people in Bristol and the surrounding region from having the chance to host events of sporting excellence and the benefits that this brings with it.

Colin Sexstone, the clubs chief executive, said: Tonys backing is a real boost to both the morale of the club and shows the level of support we are attracting through the campaign.

you dont want this stadium for BCFC purposes then want it as a proud bristolian. Put Bristol on the map. Every other city has grown up, why not Bristol? Because of people who like to have something to complain about. Get a life, moan about the word being said before 8pm on BBC 1, dont you realise you are holding back a city for something you really never use. inuendos and slurs about Mr Lansdowne. Can you tell which are which? Or are you just making assumptions?clutching at straws using outdated lawsThe original law is from 1179. The current law is the Commons Act 2006.The rates and taxes paid by Bristol City will more than compensate for any loses in the sell of the land, also the council will still be getting money from the Ashton Gate Site. Itll be privatelyowned by Lansdown and rented to the club. BCC have no financial interest no shares in the stadium, although they wanted some apparently, but were refused.Planning permission has been sought and given for the ground HarryT: That is why the Commons Act 2006 permits local residents to stop development where it is on land they use for recreation. And councillors and MPs will gladly cheerlead whilst they do so whilst of course continuing to say they in fact love the green spacesParliament has this to say on Green Belt areas:the use of land in them has a positive role to play in fulfilling the following objectives:1 to provide opportunities for access to the open countryside for the urban population;2 to provide opportunities for outdoor sport and outdoor recreation near urban areas;3 to retain attractive landscapes, and enhance landscapes, near to where people live;4 to improve damaged and derelict land around towns;5 to secure nature conservation interest; and6 to retain land in agricultural, forestry and related uses. The extent to which the use of land fulfils these objectives is however not itself a material factor in the inclusion of land within a Green Belt, or in its continued protection. For example, although Green Belts often contain areas of attractive landscape, the quality of the landscape is not relevant to the inclusion of land within a Green Belt or to its continued protection.

North Kerry Week of Welcomes in August

North Kerry Week of Welcomes in August

Calling all North Kerry men women home to the land of your forefathers, Join us in a magical journey through the towns parishes that your Ancestors left so long ago.

This is the call going out from North Kerry Reaching Out; Heritage project NKRO to the Irish Diaspora worldwide for its Week of Welcomes Festival in conjunction with The Gathering which will take place from 2nd8th August 2013.

Our Week of Welcomes is an absolutely unique, personal and intimate experience; We will meet greet you; take you deep into North Kerry, its parishes town lands; with stops at must see places as well as those that are off the beaten track; we will entertain you with history, stories, music and lively discussions, while also walking in the footsteps of your ancestors, who we will research in advance of your arrival free of charge said Ger, NKRO Chairman.

Festival events are available in a few ways; a full week package or a special week rate for those who fancy a staycation or individually priced events which will require pre booking to avoid disappointment for those who would just like a taste of North Kerry. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Morning Exercise Leads to Higher Testosterone Levels All Day

Morning Exercise Leads to Higher Testosterone Levels All Day

Lift in the Morning, Boost Testosterone in the Afternoon

It long been known that testosterone levels fall throughout the day, so by your rec league kickoff, you running low.

Using a semipro rugby team as lab rats, researchers took saliva samples to measure testosterone levels and then split the players into three groups: One did nothing in the morning control, one ran fiveby40meter sprints sprinters, and a third benchpressed and squatted for three reps at max weight lifters. In the afternoon the team returned, gave another saliva sample and then all did a performance test of a threerep maximum of back squats and bench presses, a 40meter sprint, and countermovement jump.

The lifters had the highest afternoon testosterone levels and shined in the afternoon performance test, lifting and sprinting better. The sprinters elevated their afternoon sprints, but didn perform as well on the lifting. Their testosterone levels were higher than the control group, but not as high as the lifters. The control group brought up the rear in both testosterone and performance. And morning weight lifting appears to be more effective than sprints. But the results come with caveats. These were all fast, strong guys, he says. The lower you go down the fitness chain the less likely there is going to be a positive effect.

To experience benefits, weekend warriors should scale back intensity on the morning routine, he says, and everyone should only double down on game day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The corporate bill caucus you never elected

The corporate bill caucus you never elected

The American Legislative Exchange Council the blandly named corporate lobbying group better known by the acronym ALEC is in the news again, following the Florida acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin. ALEC was until last year the major promoter of Stand Your Ground laws underlying the Zimmerman case. Although Zimmermans defense did not explicitly cite the 2005 Florida law that removes most limits against deadly force in a confrontation, the judge firmly included it in her jury instructions.

ALEC officially dropped the StandYourGround business last spring, shortly after the Martin shooting, offering the not terribly persuasive defense that it didnt draft the Florida law the National Rifle Association takes that credit, only adapted it for its own model legislation duly enacted in a couple dozen other states, including Texas. Both organizations operate as charities for tax purposes, when in fact they are massive lobbying groups which avoid the messy business of state registration or disclosure, while they entertain and armtwist legislators on specialinterest legislation.

Why had ALEC been so enthusiastic about Stand Your Ground? It was a pet project of the NRA, which is essentially the lobbying wing of the gun industry and as Don Corleone told Sollozzo about narcotics, it makes no difference to ALEC how a man makes his living. But ALEC and its corporate sponsors abhor bad publicity its simply bad for business.

In any case, there remain plenty of corporations heavy on energy, big pharma, tobacco comfortable with purchasing legislation and writing it off on their taxes. Most of the mostly Republican legislators hosted at conventions are delighted to adapt ALECs model legislation for their particular states because its much more direct than slogging through substantive public hearings and bipartisan compromise.

In any case, ALEC indulges a touching parody of democracy: Member legislators vote on proposed bills alongside their corporate sponsors, and if both groups concur, model legislation moves forward to the states.

What better expression of the legislators true constituency?

Gun sales are indeed rather low on the ALEC priority list. Uppity employees, on the other hand, are always a problem; for 2013, the Center for Media and Democracy has identified 117 bills introduced in state legislatures designed to drive down wages; limit health care, pensions, and other benefits; and cripple working families participation in the political and legislative process.

Bills introduced this year in Texas would prohibit prevailing wage laws, weaken teacher certification, and privatize state services. Privatization is an ALEC obsession; if a bill has been introduced at the Lege that would hand over some aspect of social services or public education to private industry, you can be certain that ALECs fingerprints are all over it.

For example, school vouchers have never been terribly popular at the Lege, even among rural Republicans, whose constituents rely heavily on public schools. Dan Patrick, RHouston keep filing voucher bills because privatizers like ALEC want to maintain the pressure to shift public funding to private schools. Related bills, promoting online education, standardized testing and the testing industry, parent triggers for school closings, and so on, have long been incubated at ALEC.

ALECdeveloped laws run the gamut of conservative, corporate wish lists: voter ID, limits on union organizing, undermining environmental regulation, and of course, anything that would lower corporate tax liabilities and limit progressive taxation. All of this legislating by proxy is accomplished mostly under the radar, in periodic bipartisan conferences that are onestopshop lobbying sessions, underwritten by corporations meeting privately with their legislative collaborators to draft the bills those legislators will carry in upcoming sessions.

One unexpected consequence of the Zimmerman acquittal is that it has raised the public profile of ALEC, in an uncomfortable way for its corporate and legislative members the handful of Texas Democrats left ALEC last year. The movement to repeal Stand Your Ground laws which will be no easy task in most states may also mean that other ALECinspired laws will receive additional public scrutiny, making it at least a little more difficult for our corporate masters to impose their will on the country atlarge..

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